The Top Places to Visit in Jacksonville, Florida

Florida is full of bustling cities, thrilling wildlife, and fun beaches for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike. And one excellent city in Florida that is full of places to visit is Jacksonville. If you are a resident of Jacksonville, no doubt you want to be up-to-date on how you can get the most out of the area in which you live by way of attractions. And if you are planning a vacation to this city, it makes sense that you would want to get the most out of your trip by seeing the best that Jacksonville has to offer. So if you are ready to learn about the top places to visit in Jacksonville, Florida, read on. 

1. Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

Do you love to marvel at exotic and fascinating animals? 
Are you traveling with children or hoping to make the most out of a day off from school? 

In that case, the Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens is exactly the place to visit. And here, not only can you take your time viewing all of the animal-life (over 2,000 creatures are housed here) that this location has to offer, you can witness over 1,000 gorgeous plants that are featured in the gardens. 

This zoo houses an excellent range of animals that are sure to thrill the young and the young at heart. 

For instance, when trekking through the Land of the Tiger exhibit, keep your eyes peeled for the two beautiful Sumatran tigers as well as the three Malayan tigers. 

What about the exhibit, Plains of East Africa? Here you can marvel at a plethora of creatures native to the African savannah, which includes three rhinoceroses! 

Of course, this zoo has much more to offer, making it one of Jacksonville's must-see places for people of all ages. 


2. Kingsley Plantation

Second, on our list of top things to do in Jacksonville - Kingsley Plantation gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy a piece of history. 

This is an old plantation located on the front of a river that was the former estate of one Zephaniah Kingsley, for whom the plantation is named. The grounds are well kept, and this location contains a friendly staff that explains just how life used to be for those who lived on a plantation. 

People who visit Kingsley Plantation generally spend approximately an hour there, meaning you have the ability to squeeze this attraction into a busy day. 


3. Atlantic Beach

You truly do yourself a disservice if you spend time in Florida without stopping by a beach. And when it comes to beaches in Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach is truly one of the most beautiful and thrilling. 

Not only is the beach pristine when it comes to cleanliness, and featuring gorgeous white sand, there are patches of beach that are not crowded and excellent for those who want to surf or even engage in kayaking. 

If you are staying in Jacksonville, or are a resident, this is definitely a beach that you can get lost in for hours, allowing your cares to melt away with the calming waves. 


4. Friendship Fountain

Friendship Fountain is one of the most well-known features of Jacksonville, and it is certainly worth a visit! 

The fountain overlooks the St. Johns River, meaning that if you visit the fountain during the day you will be met with serene views of nature. 

But it's at night when the fountain really makes a splash, so-to-speak. The fountain is lit up to display a variety of colors, and it's an area of the city that draws a number of performers and local events. Be sure to take a walk around the fountain and stay for the show, if there happens to be one scheduled while you are there. 


We have discussed some of the top places to visit located in Jacksonville, Florida, and these four locations are certainly fabulous to see for locals and visitors alike. 

Other honorable mentions include Castaway Island Preserve, the Riverside Arts Market, Metropolitan Park, and Intuition Ale Works for those who are looking for a great adult-friendly activity. 

Be sure to check each location off of your to-do list in order to get the most out of what Jacksonville has to offer.